Posted by: Jane Valencia | April 24, 2009

Lessons From The Fox

Revealing The Fox

Revealing The Fox

You’d think that by now I’d have this whole Life’s Purpose/Soul’s Divine Mission thing absolutely stitched to perfection and nicely displayed on my mantle. Well, I do … and I don’t … and I do! Yes, the threads involved are absolutely obvious, and I have the shape of it … and I have those Shadow areas still. The Blind Spots that I keep bumbling against without realizing it–except that I do realize that I’m doing so on some level, because I keep questing for that last answer, for that final Key that unlocks the door to the next level of my inner terrain.

Well, last night I just got it. Really. Something I absolutely needed to know and to acknowledge for myself. No, it wasn’t any incredible revelation, but it did spin some assumptions on their heels and scittering away. I actually felt as if I’d stepped into a joke. Or out of one!

Hopefully something in what I write here will trigger an “ah ha” for yourself. Some realization that you need to have that you already know.

So, last night I unexpectedly found myself listening to an inspiring teleseminar by Baeth Davis on Your Spiritual Life Purpose blueprint. She spoke of things I already know–which she articulated with passion and powerful voice. Then she talked about how our palms are encoded with a blueprint of our life purpose. So just by looking at our palms we can have crystal clear answers to all of our fundamental “What am I supposed to do with my life” questions. (She is a hand analyst). Well, this concept got me thinking. No, I don’t feel I need to rush off and get my palm read. I’m just wondering: What if these profound answers we seek are stitched into the fabric of the universe (both as astrology and as astronomy)? What if they are absolutely right in front of our eyes or encoded in our bodies in other ways? In the words we read on a page and allow to speak to our heart (leccio divina or contemplative reading). In the way our ideas circle. In the right rhythm of our life. Maybe they’re stitched in wherever we look.

The advantage of having information right before our eyes–a great or subtle “this is it” sign–is that we accept it as truth, even if it takes a lifetime to suss out how we fully embody that truth. Now, again–none of these ideas are startling or new. The crux lies in discerning the shape of one’s truth–and that while someone may voice a thing that you absolutely need to hear and embrace, not everything they say may be supportive of your unique truth. In fact, what they say may be absolutely opposite to what will support you.

For instance, many marketing and biz people I’ve listened to recently have spoken about the necessity of “investing” in your path. Fly to this great event and you’ll get the answers you’ve dreamed of, and a rich lifestyle … and …. While I find some of the initial ideas compelling or informative, when I hear the notion about how one must invest in order to commit oneself to results, I just step off the bus. My life is rich and abundant. I purposefully do not travel much–for ecological reasons as well as just committing to being at home in my place. And I have invested monetarily and otherwise plenty already! So really I don’t need to go to great lengths to receive more. What I need is to grasp the colorful array of insight, ideas, and thought that come my way, evaluate how they move about in my life already or how they can strengthen and nourish what’s there. Then (the missing piece) I must take a forward action based on my discovery. I need to commit to what I uncover, and I need to utilize the insight so that it actively nourishes my full expression in this world. Or else just leave it behind.

Enough exists. We are always learning, always seeking to deepen, but at some point we need to flip-flop how we do things. Instead of investing in a mega-workshop or training program, we just listen to an audio, browse a few pages on a website, read a poem, or (best yet) sit outside with the violets or the chickens or the trees and allow the simplicity of what we experience to resonate through our being, like pebbles tossed in a clear pool. We have the structure, pattern, template woven within ourselves, and now it is a matter of allowing the obvious nature of its form to shine throughout our being.


Origami Fox

What does any of this have to do with the Fox? Let’s look briefly at the nature of this clever creature.

A Fox is a highly adaptable animal, at home in fields as well as in (yes!) suburbs. He eats a wide variety of foods, which allows him to find something that he needs almost any time. Fox is clever, has trickster energy, is good at moving with stealth and in camouflage. Fox has a home terrain of about one to two square miles, though he may travel great distances at times, especially in winter. Fox may be right in front of you, but you may be completely oblivious to his presence. In stories he may turn things entirely on their tails, or be turned entirely on his tail.

So, take an issue that has been frustrating you–some question whose answer you are desperate to to discover. Perhaps write it down on a slip of paper. Now, closing your eyes, consider Fox and his energy. Invite that surprising, invisible, mocking, opportunist quality to you. Consider the shape and appearance of Fox, what you know of his habits, or just empty yourself to the possibility of this mysterious and beautiful creature. Be this way, empty and considering, for a few minutes. Now open your eyes. Consider that the answer you seek might be right before your eyes in your room, right at the forefront of your mind, brightly illuminated in your heart. It is. Right now, write the answer–any answer. Write three steps for exercising that answer in your life, something you could do easily today, something entirely in your nature. Then do one of them.

Consider that there is a surprise hidden in what you’ve just written down. That some presumption is about to be turned on its heels when you examine it. Be open to a play on words, a trick of sight–the cosmic joke embedded in some assumption you’ve carried for a long time. It’s time to shake it out! Set it free!

Believe that what you have discovered just now is that vital sapling rooted in your heart. Commit to it in some way. Give it shelter, water, food. The only way to move forward into some new place in your being is to decide to be there. Your sapling realization may shapeshift as you tend it and deepen your knowledge about it, but its core–its pith will only strengthen and expand. As it does, you will know yourself to have entered heartwood at last.


  1. Jane,
    The clarity, wisdom and insight you share is transforming! How excited I am to have found your blog! This sentence is what got me all moved and energized this round: “We have the structure, pattern, template woven within ourselves, and now it is a matter of allowing the obvious nature of its form to shine throughout our being.” Thank you and blessings! Indigo

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