Posted by: Jane Valencia | February 19, 2010

Inside The Story Of Self: It’s All About Context

This morning I reflect on what makes a happy life for me. When do I feel most passionate, joyful, alive? And am I living that way right now?

At times I feel absolutely aligned and on fire, either in an exhilarated, ‘wow, look — I really can fly’ way, or in that deeply satisfied, the fire is burning, healthy, in rhythm way where I barely need to tend the flame, and I can just sit at it and enjoy and be expansive, myself, right where I am.

I think when I am most myself, most delighted with my life, is when I can tell a good, fun story about it. And not just tell the story, but know that someone is hearing the words, experiencing some possibility or truth for themselves. And then I experience their story, their lively reality, and this great mingling of minds, hearts, possibility for a more resonant life, a better world, for living more deeply truly springs forth.

The big challenge in my life is “focus”. In the past year I’ve been teaching myself Hand Analysis. This is the contemporary expression of the old art known as Palmistry. The modern-day idea is that the lines and markings on our hands offer a mirror of our soul-and-psyche ecology. We have so many nerve ends in our palms that there is an intimate connection with our brains, the way we think. The lines and markings may change on our palms, as we change internally, reflecting our change in wiring, so to speak.

Hand Analysis goes further than that though. It speaks of our fingerprints — which never change — as being an actual map of the Soul, revealing both our Life Purpose and our Life Lesson.

What a cool and fun idea, to think that we might be able to read our Soul’s Purpose, and discover our psychic geography, just by exploring the “terrain” of our hands!

In the context of my universe this makes a good “why not?” sense. After all I believe we can read our stories, anything we need to know, anywhere we are. Nature reflects our story back to us. The decor in our house does (and where the clutter collects, and where it is shining with good energy and emotion).

So, stories can be great. They can provide that context, that perfect picture frame that allows the picture within to reveal itself in all its personality. Storymaking is something we humans do all the time.

Sometimes (all the time?) stories run us, and then we sometimes have to dissect how they are affecting how we are experiencing our reality, what we think about “reality”, and make decisions about whether it really works for our lives, for the people we love and want to be with, and the larger world that we are operating according to those stories.

I love the magic of story. The fun part where I create one, or choose one, and then hold it lightly, allowing it to add sparkle and purpose to my life. I’ll run with it for awhile, or stop-and-go with it, picking it up and carrying it around and feeling it like an intriguing and companionable lodestone. Then I may lay it down on my desk or at the base of a tree, and leave it for awhile or for good.

So Hand Analysis is one story that I’m carrying around and poking at and with which I’m playing “what if”. For instance I have a lot of what are called Gift Markings on my hands. These are stars or lines and other markings that are in particular regions of the hand (and the regions all mean something). The Gift Markings point to certain kinds of gifts that you must live in some way in order to feel satisfied with your life. If you don’t live them in a healthy way you feel depressed, discouraged, frustrated.

Other folks may have those gifts, but if they don’t have the Gift Markings, they don’t have to live them. There isn’t that drive and compulsion (and desperation!) to do so.

Hand Art?

So looking at my Gift Markings and (what feels to me) my difficulty in focusing, and here’s a story that makes sense. Yeah, no wonder I struggle with focusing, and can’t choose one or two things to do with my life. I’ve got a whole mess of things saying ‘Live me, live me!’

So what can I do with this bit of revelation? Well, the story of Hand Analysis and Gift Markings, and Life Purpose and Life Lesson all point to specific expressions that I might consciously tend in my life. Let me say, that what I’ve ‘read’ in my hands and prints makes total sense to me. Does this speak to our human ability to find meaningful story in anything? Sure! Would I have felt the ‘stories’ in my prints were ‘right on’ if they were totally different. Possibly — it’s hard to say! But certainly the stories I read here have a lot to say about where and who I am right now, plenty of fodder for exploring self and one’s blind spots, and that in the end is what is most important.

Hand Analysis says that once you fully integrate your gifts, or the ones expressed in the Gift Markings, the Gift Markings may disappear. You won’t have that sense of struggle and frustration in your life related to that gift because you will be using it on all levels. Your particular gifts will be just running along. So you don’t have those Gift Markings announcing on some level “do this! do this! You’ll be happier if you’re including this part of yourself in your life!”.

So with this story in the back of my mind, this particular context, I can look at the many things I love to do, or long to do, and make sure that I have expressions in my life where I actually live them. What has worked best for me is to “bundle them up”, make a little weave of them. And when I do this, live these weaves, and express them as some sort of little mixed-media artistry of life, I am really, really happy. My world springs alive and is filled with that Otherworld sparkle and shine.

Right now my A Harper’s Garden blog feels really good this way, a mini-magical bundle of rainbow threads in my life. With this post I’m deciding to look at my other expressions of self, and seeing where I might twist and tighten the medicine weaves, and jazz them up a bit so that they spring alive and eventually begin tending themselves. Not all of it will be inscribed in my blogs, but a fair chunk will be, because writing is how I make story, and storytelling is how we discover, uncover, create context for the crazy treasure that is our inner and outer life.

Where do you create story in your life? Okay, that’s maybe a dumb question :-). Perhaps I might say: In the art gallery of your life, what are the frames around the art? Or how does the lighting reveal their qualities, their expressive selves (or is it good lighting at all)? How might you change a frame, or move a sculpture so that its artistry is more fully highlighted and revealed? How might you further show off (in some fashion!) that quirky perfect expression or gift that is you, part of you, is you?

Imagine that the Comment box below is one space in your Art Gallery Of Self. I invite you to describe one of the artistic expressions of your self and soul that either is in just a great location in your gallery (lots of folks come through and delight in this artistry of you!) or which you might consider changing its frame, location, the angle or cast of light, or ….

Have fun!

Another expression of self: In her tree house studio Dahlia Rose offers Reiki and healing song to Gypsy Belle

The Dolls and Tree house are by my friends Lisa and Jeff at Journey School!

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