About Jane Valencia


Live Your Magical Nature!

I am a dragonsinger and harper, Reiki Master-Teacher, sound healer, and recording artist who adventures with making magic real. I’m passionate about offering the inner language of the Soul, wisdom ways, and heart-of-our-nature experiences to open us to living who we truly are–our real magic–in the every day world.  By discovering the heart of our nature–who we are as human beings and in our unique genius–we reweave our ideas about what is truly possible, for ourselves and for our culture.  We can make a difference for a better world.  It takes living from our dragon hearts, and tweaking the threads around us.  I assure you, we can begin right now to live a joyful, sustainable soul- and earth-centered reality.

I love to reimagine the world–my world–take action from that place, and make a difference in the process. Completing my harpquest and claiming my title Vashon Island Millennium Harper Of The Paper Crane was one way of exploring new expanses in my harp artistry, and sharing it with many, many people. Pursuing my self-designed “Ph. D.” (Pretty Hard Degree) in Tree from the Forest Halls Folk College (an architecture of higher organic learning dreamed up in my imagination) excited my sense of the possible in terms of remaking our culture, mentoring, healing artistry, nature awareness, and healing story.

And so, here is what Jane’s Medicine Tree is all about: cultivating rings of story, vision, and medicine ways, and sharing the tools and lessons learned on the path. It’s about deep listening amidst the roots of ancient wisdom, and playing tree-tag in the branches with “what if”s and “why not?”s. It’s about choosing to thrive in the heart of our nature, and to boldly and effectively offer our quirky, jazzy, never-to-be-experienced-again-in-this-Universe, powerful medicine to the world. Please join me in this lively journey of discovery and action by subscribing to this blog. Your magic is just what is needed during these Changing Times!

For more about my offerings, please visit ForestHalls.org or Singing Deer Healing. Music and magic await you!


  1. Reading your posts (and those of your chickens), seeing your artwork, listening to your music, is such an inspiration to me, Jane. Thank you for sharing your lovely self—-and inspiring others to do the same—-and for the questions you pose for pondering.

    And. . . to keep gushing. . . I LOVE your writing style—-quite magical.

  2. I’m subscribing to your blog because I love the harp, Anne McCraffey, and am promoting Dragonclaw Studio on my blog. (Plus, we’re both in Oregon!) Looking forward to reading more.

  3. i try to read more about you, my english is a bit poor but i can feel most of it
    very happy to share with you the motherhenna exhange gifts

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